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We are committed to using our communications skills and experience to improve health and well-being, by helping our clients to reach and motivate people on issues that include mental health, healthy eating, exercise, smoking, cancer and infectious diseases.

We work with national and local organisations to understand what influences and motivates people, using these insights to devise and deliver communication strategies and plans with tangible outcomes.

We undertake one-off short-term projects and ongoing programme support.

Nov 19 2015

International Men’s Day – action on male suicide

Today, 19 November 2015, it is International Men’s Day and at 1.30pm an historic parliamentary debate will be taking place at Westminster to consider issues that have an impact on the well being of men: educational attainment, job prospects, involvement with the criminal justice system, physical and mental health health. Read more

Oct 20 2015

Highlights of the year for the Alzheimer’s Society

Today sees the launch of Alzheimer’s Society Trustees’ and Annual Report that have been delighted to have produced. After winning a competitive tender, we created a concept to explain the day to day impact of living with dementia, and therefore why there is a need for Alzheimer’s Society, with a strong demonstration of how the organisation helps people to maintain their identity and stay connected to their communities. Read more

Sep 24 2015

Help is at Hand

It has been a privilege for Meadows Communications to work closely with Public Health England and National Suicide Prevention Alliance on producing a revised guide for people bereaved by suicide. Amy led a group of people who have been bereaved by suicide in deciding how the guide should offer practical information and emotional support to others affected. We think Public Health England should be commended for handing over control and hope that other government departments will give beneficiaries the same responsibilities when producing future products. Amy launched the guide today at the Manchester Suicide Bereavement Conference and spoke about the issue on BBC Breakfast. Get Help is at Hand

Sep 24 2015

New Help is at Hand launches today at the Manchester Suicide Bereavement Conference

We’re delighted that Amy has led producing Help is at Hand, a guide offering practical and emotional support for bereaved by suicide. Amy has spent the last six months working with others who been bereaved by suicide, along with experts from Public Health England and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance, to produce a guide with stories, advice and sources of help. Read more

Sep 12 2015

Inside Out

Huge congratulations to If You Care Share for their successful Inside Out campaign. Launched just last year they have really captured the public’ imagination this year with simple but brilliant call to action to wear your clothes inside. Read more

Sep 10 2015

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today we have joined with others around the world who are working towards the common goal of preventing suicide. JMMF continues to work closely with other individuals and organisations who are trying to prevent suicide in our communities. Read more

Aug 19 2015

E-cigarettes – courage or caution?

It’s been announced today that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. Public Health England’s report even suggests that they could become such a significant tool in the arsenal to help people stop smoking that they could even be prescribed on the NHS. Read more

Jun 1 2015

Becoming a dementia friend

Today I took a 96 year old cousin of my long deceased grandmother to a memory assessment. I’m her only living family, albeit a distant member. It was a challenging morning for both of us. Read more

May 20 2015

Ambitious plans for Dorset’s healthcare

Earlier this week the new Conservative government renewed their election pledge to provide an additional £8 billion of funding to the NHS and to deliver seven day a week access to GP services. Read more

Apr 10 2015

Help is at Hand

We are delighted to leading the revision of Help is a Hand, a guide that provides practical and emotional information and support to people bereaved by suicide. We are working closely with Public Health England, National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA) and an Advisory Group of people bereaved by suicide. Read more

Apr 22 2015

Great news for women’s equality

We’re delighted to hear that Sam Smethers has been appointed to be the new Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society. Sam has a long track record of working on women’s equality issues and will be an inspirational leader to champion women’s equality issues. Read more

Feb 25 2015

Let’s not take eye off the teenage pregnancy ball

It’s positive news that statistics published today by the Office for National Statistics show the under-18 concept rate is the lowest for for over 45 years including a drop of 10% on the previous year. Read more

Feb 19 2015

Male suicide highest for 10 years

Bleak news today that more men are taking their own lives that at any time in last decade. There’s been a 4% rise to 6,233 suicides a year – equating to 19 deaths by suicide for every 100,000 men in 2013 (compared to 15.6 deaths per 100,000 in 1981 to 10.6 per 100,000 in 2007). Read more

Jan 19 2015

Zero suicide ambition for NHS

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has today set out a new ambition for ‘zero suicides’ in the NHS in order to dramatically reduce the number of suicides happening in the health service. Read more

Jan 13 2015

This Girl Can

Congratulations to Sports England on the launch of the ground-breaking This Girl Can, a new national campaign that celebrates the women who are doing exercise and participating in sport no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get.   Read more

Nov 5 2014

Marathon mission accomplished

Amy has accomplished her marathon on a very cold and windy day in New York City. Amy drew her energy from the wonderful crowds – their excellent live music and prolific name chanting. Read more

Aug 14 2014

We need to talk about it suicide. But we also need to research it.

Robin Williams’ death is a tragedy. He was undoubtedly a comic genius who has brought so much laughter and joy to millions of people around the world in his memorable (and at times immortal) roles. Read more

Jul 6 2014

Where you live can make, and keep, you ill

The economic and financial think tank Centre Forum have produced a hugely compelling but frankly shocking atlas of mental health variation to demonstrate the differences in the mental well-being of people across England. Read more

Jul 4 2014

Employee Ownership Day

With today being employee ownership day I’d like to offer my congratulations to my old employers, Forster, who last year had a management buy-out which saw the company become owned by their staff. Read more

Jun 30 2014

To tackle disparities don’t blame GPs

Jeremy Hunt has proposed that GPs who fail to diagnose cancer should be named and shamed. This seems to be an utterly nonsensical idea. Surely, the different rates of detection of cancer, which show UK lagging behind other countries in the early detection of cancer cannot be attributed to GPs failing to spot the symptoms? Read more

Apr 8 2014

Tackling mental health

I’ve just read my annual school magazine and it has compelled me to want to publically give three cheers to a woman called Emma who shared details of the mental health problems she has experienced since her teenage years, and the impact stigma has on her ability to lead her life as she would like. Read more

Feb 7 2014

Come Together for HIV awareness

My teenage years were spent with the AIDS tombstone naysayer advertising. So it’s with a gasp of excitement that I watched the International HIV Alliance’s new campaign to instil in our psyche the ongoing dangers of unprotected sex and contracting the HIV virus.   Read more

Feb 7 2014

Are some cancers better than others?

The Pancreatic Cancer Action charity have today released a new advertising campaign that makes the provocative statement “I wish I had breast cancer”. There intentions are honourable, they are wanting to illustrate the desperately poor cancer survival rates of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when compared to people diagnosed with say, breast, testicular or cervical cancer. Read more

Nov 23 2013

Smoking promotion on our streets

I was taken aback and confused yesterday as I crossed the road in front of this London bus. It’s over a decade since The Tobacco Advertising & Promotion Act 2002 ended cigarette advertising on billboards, posters and the like. Read more

Nov 21 2013

Building the future’s entrepreneurs

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and we are delighted that the Prime Minister’s Enterprise Advisor, Lord Young has visited one of the school that our clients, Ready Unlimited, have been supporting to embed an enterprising education. Read more

Oct 17 2013

Celebrating Chicken Shed

Last night I attended the 25th Annual Chickenshed Gala at London’s iconic Guildhall. I got to rub shoulders with  Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack, Derek Jacobi and Christopher Biggins. But pushing celebrities and sequins aside, most importantly, I got to be spell bound by the enormity of Chickenshed’s message and achievements. Read more

Sep 10 2013

Brighton strives to become the first suicide safer city

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and a broad range of mental health and other well-being organisations unite to use the opportunity to shine the spotlight on suicide and to tackle the stigma that surrounds the issue. Read more

Aug 23 2013

Isle of Wight breastfeeding and smoking in pregnancy work attracts attention of Public Health England

We were delighted to hear that Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England was today visiting the Isle of Wight today to learn about local efforts to increase breastfeeding rates and reduce the high rates of smoking in pregnancy.  Read more

Jul 28 2013

A win win solution to empty houses and weakening community cohesion

The media regularly reports on England’s growing housing crisis, with ever growing estimates of the shortfall of homes. With news last week that there were £6.9 million births between 2001 and 2011, but yet only 1.6 million new homes built (source: National Housing Federation), it would seem as though this situation is unlikely to abate. Read more

Jun 16 2013

A lasting legacy from the Games

The latest figures produced by the Active Sport survey show that the number of people playing sport has dropped, when compared with levels before the London Olympics. The naysayers who delight in scorning the Games as a vast waste of money  will jump on these figures in delight, and claim the legacy commitments have failed. Read more

May 9 2013

Innovation offers solutions to Councils’ financial plight

The London Government Association (LGA) have warned today that non-statutory Council services will be decimated if significant further cuts are made to council budgets ( The LGA Chairman Sir Merrick Cockell has described it as a “mathematical certainty” that there will be cuts to local services. Read more

Apr 30 2013

The recent MMR outbreak – what do we really know about the choices parents have made?

There are now over 850 cases of people infected with measles in southwest Wales and one linked death. It is reported that 330,000 children aged 10-16 years old remain unvaccinated and the Department of Health have launched a massive vaccination drive. Read more

Apr 26 2013

Suicide requires sensitive handling

The car manufacturer Hyundai and their advertising company,  Innocean Europe, have made a gross error of judgment in producing an online video commercial featuring a man seeking to take his own life in a Hyundai car.   Read more

Jan 31 2013

To improve cancer survival rates British stoicism must be challenged

The British Journal of Cancer has today reported on a study of 20,000 people across six developed countries about their knowledge of cancer symptoms and motivation to seek help. The results provide cultural evidence to explain why the UK’s cancer survival rates are the lowest of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, despite similar levels of awareness about cancer symptoms and access to medical professionals and treatments. Read more

Jan 22 2013

Suicide happens. We need to talk about it.

I want to applaud the personal story of Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive at SCIE (Remembering Adrian) for her courage in sharing her story today, the day the Office of National Statistics published the worrying news that suicide numbers increased 8% in 2011 across the UK (and shockingly 30% in Wales). Read more

Jan 2 2013

What impact will the new government stop smoking campaign have on quit rates?

This week the government has launched their new stop-smoking advertising. Featuring a cigarette that mutates into a cancerous tumour, the message to smokers is stark ‘if you smoke you increase your risk of developing cancer’. Read more

Dec 1 2012

World Aids Day

On 1 December it is World Aids Day, an event that has been marked around the world for over twenty years, and which is synonymous with the red ribbon – the first of what are now a plethora of ’cause-related’ badges, ribbons and wristbands. Read more

Oct 9 2012

The value of a celebrity’s story

This week, comedian, actor and children’s author, David Walliams is the latest celebrity to publish his autobiography and to reveal his long-standing battle with depression. Simon Cowell recently spoke out about feeling unable to cope with juggling the demands of his US and UK show commitments. Read more