NHS Dorset CCG

NHS Dorset CCG appointed us to develop a brand that would reach out to people across Dorset encouraging them to get involved with the design and development of local health care services.

East Sussex Healthcare

Education Support Partnership

The Education Support Partnership gives people working in education the support they need to feel at their best; and organisations the support they need to engage and energise their teams. The rebrand involved a new name and new approach as their previous name and positioning was limiting their reach (Teacher Support Network).

British Lung Foundation

The Taskforce for Lung Health was established in 2018 to develop a 5-year plan for improving lung health in England. It also aims to raise public awareness and understanding of lung health. The Taskforce brings together representatives from 30 organisations. representing patients, health care professionals, the voluntary sector and professional associations. A distinctive unifying identity was created that has been applied to a suite of templates, online and print collateral.

The Loneliness Lab

The Loneliness Lab is an 18-month project to accelerate action towards making London a less lonely city to live in for many people. The Loneliness Lab, established by Lendlease in partnership with Collectively, will bring together community groups, NGOs, Local Authorities, businesses, designers, artists, and importantly people experiencing loneliness. Although many organisations already exist to help isolated people on a day-to-day basis. TLL believe more needs to be done to design-out some of the causes of social isolation and loneliness in our cities. This will only happen through collaboration. Meadows Communications created the brand look and feel of the campaign. along with implementation to key communications to include guidelines, invites, posters and presentations to engage participants for the campaign launch.

This is Redbridge

Redbridge was bidding to become London Borough of Culture. They needed a brand presence to secure the council’s ambitious plans to transform Ilford town centre as a vibrant cultural hub. As result of the campaign’s ambitions the bid was successfully awarded £1.8M from The Greater London Authority (GLA) for investment in the Spark project. The funding helps pave the way for the council to transform the historic Town Hall and the area around into a new cultural quarter.

Children England

Children England is a membership organisation for the children, families and young people voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises. In September 2012 Meadows Communications was commissioned to undertake insights research amongst their stakeholders to help to determine how to maximise the value of their membership offer and grow their income from traded services such as training and consultancy. We undertook qualitative and quantitative research amongst a diverse group of existing and desired audiences across the public and not for profit sector. Our analysis of the findings informed a detailed recommendations report that provided the evidence to inform their future strategic plans. We were also asked to prepare the 2013-2016 communications strategy. Throughout 2013 we have been providing a range of communications support including the production of marketing tools and media relations.

Maggie Jones, (former) Chief Executive

“Thanks very much for all your hard work. I have so enjoyed working with you. You have made me think about things in such a different way.”

Maggie Jones, (former) Chief Executive

Dot Dot Dot

We were approached by Dot Dot Dot to provide communications advice to help them to reach prospective property guardians. In discussion, we identified the need to understand the differing motivators to moving into a property managed by Dot Dot Dot. By devising and running a stimulating day long workshop, we helped the Dot Dot Dot team to develop their understanding of audience segmentation and consider how to adopt tailored marketing to suit each segment. Following the workshop, we produced recommendations on how they could adapt their future communications.

“Our session with Amy was incredibly useful – she prepared an extremely well-thought-through session tailored to the needs I had explained to her.  Working with her really helped me and my colleagues to improve our understanding of our clients and to think through what might draw them to – and put them off – the service we offer.  After the session Amy sent over fantastically clear notes, with just the right level of detail.  We have continued to refer to these and to use ideas from the workshop to frame our thinking about our clients ever since.  Amy’s enthusiasm, friendliness and interest in the questions we faced make the whole session really enjoyable, too.”

Katharine Hibbert, Director

Galvani Charitable Foundation

We were asked by the Trustees of the Galvani Charitable Foundation to complete an audit around the issue of peri-natal mental health; to help them to decide where to allocate a significant future grant. We undertook a literature review to determine current knowledge and information gaps and a service review to understand existing national and local service provision. We complemented desk research with face to face and telephone interviews with charities, academics, key opinion leaders and people directly affected by the issue. Our final report provided a summary of existing research, service, campaign and advocacy activity alongside our recommendations for where the Galvani Charitable Foundation involvement would achieve the best outcomes for women and their babies.

“The scoping review undertaken by Amy for the Galvani Charitable Foundation has been an extremely useful planning tool. It has provided us with a thorough understanding of what activity is happening where, and it allows us to determine where our future work can have the greatest impact. The breadth and depth of the work that Amy carried out exceeded our expectations.”

Ricardo Galvani, Chair, Galvani Charitable Foundation.

Grandparents Plus

We have a long-standing relationship with Grandparents Plus, having provided communications support for various projects over the last five years. In 2007, whilst at London agency Forster, the first project was to rebrand the organisation following a change in leadership and a period of growth. Amy undertook consultations with staff, trustees, volunteers and clients that resulted in the development of a new vision, mission, positioning and brand identity. Amy subsequently devised a series of co-creation workshops with grandparents to explore the potential for a new income-generating reward card scheme. Most recently, Amy has provided a programme for staff training.

“Amy Meadows is a communications professional with extensive experience and real expertise. She cares deeply about her work and her clients, is a delight to work with and also provides real value for money.”

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive, Grandparents Plus


We were appointed for a 12 month period to work as Expert Advisors to Nesta’s Creative Council programme, a project supported by the Local Government Association to provide financial and intellectual support to five local authorities who were seeking to re-image the role of local government and transform their ways of working.  Derbyshire, Monmouthshire, Rotherham, Stoke and Wigan had each devised innovative solutions to complex local needs: a radical new approach to looked after children, achieving energy self-sufficiency, devolving adult social care budgets to local people, establishing innovative thinking as part of the Council’s culture and embedding enterprise education to ensure young people are prepared for the future world of work.

Meadows Communications were selected to provided bespoke communications expertise to each Council according to their project needs. Our work included the preparation of communications strategies for staff and public engagement, branding advice, the development of print and online marketing materials and writing leadership think pieces for media publication. We also devised and facilitated a series of workshops for participants that included Chief Executive, Directors of Adult Social Services and councillors. The Creative Councils project culminated in October 2013 with the publication of Call to Action, 10 key lessons for local authorities on how to do more with less by taking a bolder and more innovative look at how to work differently. 

“In 2012 Nesta ran an open tendering process to secure the best expert advice for the Creative Councils programme. We were seeking expert advisors in a range of areas including community engagement, business modelling, service design and communications and marking. Nesta were delighted with the numbers of providers interested in being part of the programme. After a rigorous selection process we appointed providers for each area, including Meadows Communications. Nesta had not worked with Meadows Communications previously but were really impressed by their understanding of the challenges local authorities faced in communicating their ideas to a wide range of audiences, their high levels of energy and passion for the work as well as the costs.  All five of the creative councils have engaged with Meadows Communications and have talked positively about the experience and how it has enabled them to build stronger alliances around their ideas.  In addition, Nesta have used Meadows Communications expertise to help develop a range of articles to promote innovation across local government. The programme of work has now been completed and Nesta is delighted with the support and expertise they have bought to the programme. We would highly commend Meadows Communications to any organisation seeking expert help in this area.”

Melani Oliver, Director Innovation Lab, Nesta

Sport England

Since 2013 Sport England have provided significant funding to Bury Council to support the development and ongoing running of I Will If You Will, a movement to get the women and girls of Bury moving. The campaign was also conceived as a test case to provide Sport England with insights on how shape a national programme. Amy worked as part of the Ottaway Strategic Management team that was appointed after a competitive tender to design and deliver an appropriate evaluation framework. Together, we developed a 12 month programme of qualitative and quantitative measures to monitor and assess the ‘attention’ and ‘advocacy’ impact of the campaign. Amy led on a series of street surveys, the assessment of media coverage obtained and social media penetration. The final evaluation report delivered in November 2014 found that I Will If You Will had achieved impressive growth in spontaneous and promoted awareness of the campaign, and a significant increase in women and girls’ participation in physical activity. The campaign continues to operate in Bury and Sport England have applied the lessons learnt from I Will If You Will to the national campaign This Girl Can that launched January 2015. This Girl Can celebrates active women enjoying exercise with a wide range of activities delivered in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations.  

London Community Resource Network

London Community Resource Network are the pioneers of community based solutions for waste prevention, recycling and reuse across London. After a difficult few years spent concentrating on securing funds, the new Chief Executive recognised that they had paid little attention to how to communicate the distinctiveness and purpose of the organisation. They had also received feedback from their stakeholders that they felt confused about what the organisation did and stood for. Meadows Communications proposed a project plan to consult with staff and Trustees and from the findings to prepare a new brand model that would provide the foundation stones for a new communications approach and visual identity. Following our appointment, we undertook research to understand current operations and future ambitions. From this, we developed a vision, mission and core values for the organisation that were considered and subsequently approved by Trustees and staff. Our creative team interpreted these elements into a new fresh visual identity with the use of an icon to symbolise LCRN’s role connecting people and community groups and its work to facilitate the movement of waste from place to place and state to state. We purposefully adopted a scientific and formal look as we felt it was important to enhance LCRN’s authority and evidence based approach. In application this is balanced with human focused imagery to demonstrate the personal ‘wealth’ that can be generated by transforming waste. We provided LCRN with comprehensive brand guidelines that included key messages and examples of how the new brand could be applied to a broad range of printed and electronic communications products. LCRN is committed to rolling out the new brand and communicating in a clearer and more engaging manner throughout 2014 and beyond.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with you, in particular because of your pragmatic and straightforward approach to getting this work done with limited resources. What we’ve ended up with is a functional, fresh brand that will really enliven our communications as we take the next steps as a charity. The whole process has been pain-free, fast and practical, and your insight has always been thought-provoking and genuinely helpful.”

Pat Fitzsimons, Chief Executive

Ready Unlimited

Medway Council

Tower Hamlets