Come Together for HIV awareness

My teenage years were spent with the AIDS tombstone naysayer advertising. So it’s with a gasp of excitement that I watched the International HIV Alliance’s new campaign to instil in our psyche the ongoing dangers of unprotected sex and contracting the HIV virus.  Sex here is being celebrated in some style (whilst, without casting dispersions, not exactly in a normalising way for the average strictly missionary position practitioner). I love the idea that everyone, of all creeds, races, sexualities need to Come Together to provide around this issue. I hope this advert’s refreshing take on the HIV epidemic will convert titillation into some genuine behaviour change.  For too long HIV has been ignored by health professionals and educationalists. So full credit to the International HIV Alliance’s attempts to get us talking about it once again. PS. And it was great to spot an old school mate as one of the featured pleasure seekers!