Lankelly Chase Foundation

Task: To undertake perceptions research to inform the new business strategy

Approach: Lankelly Chase is a grant giving foundation that works to change the systems that perpetuate the severe and multiple disadvantages of homelessness, drug misuse, violence and abuse and mental ill health. Following a period of significant change, with the appointment of a new Chief Executive and Chair of the Board; a more focused approach on beneficiaries; and the radical rewrite of their own approach to change; they wanted to know what their stakeholders thought about them. We conducted over 40 in-depth face to face and telephone interviews with government policy makers, public sector commissioners, voluntary sector providers, other foundations and the media to explore what people knew, felt, and hoped for. We repeated the project three-years to determine if and how understanding and attitudes had changed. 

Impact: The findings from our audit were used by the Executive Team and Board to shape the development of their strategic business plan, communications approach and a comprehensive re-brand.