London Community Resource Network

London Community Resource Network are the pioneers of community based solutions for waste prevention, recycling and reuse across London. After a difficult few years spent concentrating on securing funds, the new Chief Executive recognised that they had paid little attention to how to communicate the distinctiveness and purpose of the organisation. They had also received feedback from their stakeholders that they felt confused about what the organisation did and stood for. Meadows Communications proposed a project plan to consult with staff and Trustees and from the findings to prepare a new brand model that would provide the foundation stones for a new communications approach and visual identity. Following our appointment, we undertook research to understand current operations and future ambitions. From this, we developed a vision, mission and core values for the organisation that were considered and subsequently approved by Trustees and staff. Our creative team interpreted these elements into a new fresh visual identity with the use of an icon to symbolise LCRN’s role connecting people and community groups and its work to facilitate the movement of waste from place to place and state to state. We purposefully adopted a scientific and formal look as we felt it was important to enhance LCRN’s authority and evidence based approach. In application this is balanced with human focused imagery to demonstrate the personal ‘wealth’ that can be generated by transforming waste. We provided LCRN with comprehensive brand guidelines that included key messages and examples of how the new brand could be applied to a broad range of printed and electronic communications products. LCRN is committed to rolling out the new brand and communicating in a clearer and more engaging manner throughout 2014 and beyond.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with you, in particular because of your pragmatic and straightforward approach to getting this work done with limited resources. What we’ve ended up with is a functional, fresh brand that will really enliven our communications as we take the next steps as a charity. The whole process has been pain-free, fast and practical, and your insight has always been thought-provoking and genuinely helpful.”

Pat Fitzsimons, Chief Executive