University of Bristol

Student engagement campaign

Task: To create a campaign to involve students and build their support for a major construction programme. 

Approach: We conceived Make This Yours – a call to action to the whole community to get involved in shaping the redevelopment changes. During the 2018-2019 academic year we provided students with multiple involvement opportunities including the co-creation of a large-scale installation for the student union run Living Room, artwork for the communal hallways and stairwells, joining behind-the-scenes tours, sharing their views on the conceptual designs for the new library building, and attending meet and chat session with the architects, designers and builders. 

Impact: Make This Yours is visible across the university‚Äôs Campus Heart and there has been strong student involvement in the organised events. 

“This summer Meadows Communications have created an inspired engagement campaign that reflects the ambitions, needs and brand of the University at this time of significant change. Make This Yours has a depth of personality and purpose that gives real meaning to why our redevelopment programme is happening and why it can, and does matter to students. Just recently launched it is clear that it resonates with the key student audience and we are delighted with the involvement it is already generating. It is even more impressive that Meadows Communications produced the campaign with only a headline brief and against significant time pressures.”

Cheryl Campsie, University of Bristol.