Alzheimer’s Society

Collateral development

Task: To prepare the charity’s annual report and accounts

Approach: Rather than simply being a compliance requirement, we believe annual reports can be a valuable tool for fund-raising, corporate partnership development and communications to shape perceptions of a charity amongst key audiences. To do this successfully the report needs a creative concept with a compelling central narrative.  We identified that to build empathy, people need to feel the reality of living with dementia. Using impactful photography of everyday objects such as a mug and a wallet we suggested how dementia affects people’s ability to undertake simple day-to-day tasks. The images and text were supported by impactful infographics that were also used across digital and social media platforms. 

Impact: The charity received strong and positive feedback for the report and we were re-commissioned to produce their reports for another two years, and each time we created a bold new concept.