Time to Change

Task: to develop a new key message framework 

Approach: Ten years on from launching, for their third phase of work, Time to Change developed a reinvigorated strategic approach and we were asked to review and update the campaign’s key messages to reflect the renewed ambition. We immersed ourselves by running a series of workshops with staff and volunteers to understand achievements to date and each strand of current activity. Continuing to work closely with representatives from across the organisation, we shaped a framework of new messages with a bolder tone, and introduced the notion of Time to Change being a growing movement of people. We also designed and ran a programme of training to help build understanding and use of the new messages. The new messages, revised values and tone of voice were universally adopted and they continue to shape the organisation’s communications style and content. We have also previously worked with Time to Change on the development of the brand identity and the preparation of their Young People strategy. 

Impact:  Since Time to Change started in 2007, 5.4 million people have improved their attitudes towards mental health, with the latest data from 2018/19 showing a further 3.1% improvement since 2016/17, this equates to 12.7% since the campaign began. Over the same time period they have seen fewer people experiencing discrimination, and when they do, it’s affecting fewer areas of their lives. The campaign continues to attract significant public and media interest, and the movement continues to involve more and more people.